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An innovative technology developed by our company’s experts makes it possible to produce jelly treats for cats, dogs and other animals.

Due to the flexibility of the manufacturing process and a highly versatile jelly-matrix formulation, different forms of active ingredients or healthcare supplements an be included at various stages, avoiding their loss and degradation.

Special rheological properties of the jelly-matrix allow to pour the product into moulds of various nature and create unique products on the customers demand.

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Viten has developed it's own original multistage automatic baking technology, which allows to keep ingredients together for the whole way from production to the pets place.

Also this technology is widely used for producing any kind of biscuits for pets.

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An impressive matrix of more than 350 raw materials, including high quality seeds, cereals, nuts, dried fruits and vegetables, herbs and many other ingredients helps us to create recipes for pets with various nutritional needs and tastes. 


We do not only mix together different ingredients with care and precision, but also enrich these rations with additional beneficial nutrients, including vitamins and minerals, herbal extracts, fatty acids, fructooligosaccharides and other. 

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Pressing technology allows Viten to produce grass pellets, cold pressed rough pieces and a wide range of edible treats and toys. 



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Egg food

Different types of egg-food are an essential addition to the daily bird-food during growth, moulting or breeding periods as well as for helping weak birds to recover. 

Viten’s production facilities make it possible to create varied egg foods for different birds including classic yellow, red and white; egg food for insectivorous birds, baby handfeeding food and others. Today we offer you an innovative egg food, which is specially formulated for large-size birds species, such as parrots and parakeets. In comparison to the basic egg food-types, it contains bigger particles along with a variety of dried exotic fruit, especially loved by this types of birds.

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Our flexible moulding technology allows us to create interesting shaped crunchy products with different dimensions and textures. 

Complete and complementary foods, treats for pets and egg foods - these are just few possible options for using moulded products.  Today we are constantly searching for new forms of moulded products that we can offer our customers. Our R&D specialists are looking over many combinations of forms, textures and compositions, listening to modern trends of animal nutrition and market development.

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